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You’ve managed to find your way to THE designated place for everything that is rave or festival worthy! Are you getting ready to go to your first rave? Or better yet, you’ve been convinced to go to a camping festival and you have no idea how you’re supposed to survive for three (or more) days in a tent without showers and electricity? The good news, here at Rave Hackers we don’t want anyone to be on the struggle bus like we were during our first little while raving. That’s why we’ve put together the PLUR Bible for you guys!

Each chapter will only take you further down the rabbit hole into the wonderful (and wild) world of raving! We’ve taken all our years of rave experience, tips, tricks and advice, and fit it all into one place for all our fellow PLUR babies! It took us so long to figure out how to rave ‘successfully’ and we don’t want anyone to have to go through that! Here, at Rave Hackers, is where anyone can find how to survive and thrive at any rave or festival like a professional!

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Rave Babies

So you’ve finally been convinced by a friend to go to a rave! They’ve hyped it up,  talked about all the dope ass people you’ll see/meet, and maybe even convinced you that this would be a life-changing experience for you. Well, I’m happy to say they’re correct. Raves are great, festivals are great, EDM IS JUST GREAT! So I hope you’re hype! But now you’re hype and you probably haven’t even thought “What even is a rave? What can I expect to experience at a rave? What do I even wear?..”


Fear not, I had the same questions and it took me FOREVER to find the information that I was looking for! I’ve taken all the information that I learned from searching all over the inter-web and fellow friends heads and put it here, in the PLUR Bible, for all you fellow rave babies to find! But if you still want some more info, check out the bottom of each post for some links to those sites!

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Experienced Ravers

This page is for all of my more seasoned ravers! This is where you’re going to get all the extra information that we always want. You know, the logistics“Where are the least used porta-potties at a festival?”, “SHOULD I splurge on that VIP ticket even though it’ll drain my bank account?” You’ll find all those answers here! All those nitty gritty little details, and as always pro tips, are all located right here

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Don’t miss out on that one festival that you’d heard all about but never could find any confident information on! You’ll find everything you’ll need right. here. From artists overviews, venue recommendations, and even the best festival choices to absolutely splurge on that VIP ticket! In this section, we’re aspiring to provide everyone with the best information to make sure that whatever experience you’re looking to have, you find it. 


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The Ultimate Survival Guide

It’s festival time- and when it’s that time of the year again, you know your friends over at Rave Hackers have the answer to any and all questions that you could ever possibly have when it comes to festivals in general, or to even a specific festival.  We have it all right here.

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The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

If you’re a newcomer, or you’re just looking for some better information on festivals- look no farther. This guide will get you through any and all festivals, camping or not, with the more rave hacks and checklist you can imagine. Make sure you click the picture at the top to download the entire guide, for free! With printer friendly checklists 🙂



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June 7th – 10th     |     The Farm    |    Manchester, TN

Journey with us to The Farm! If you’re not familiar with Bonnaroo, it’s one of the few festivals that are located on the East Coast! Bringing genres of all different types, but this year (2018) headlining names like the iconic EDM god, Bassnectar, one of the WORLDS biggest DJ’s Alison Wonderland, as well as rap icon Eminem and old-time fave, The Killers.


Electric Forest 2018! Prepare for this magical event with us over here at Rave Hackers!

June 21st – 24th (&) June 28th – July 1st    |     The Forest    |     Rothbury, MI

We’ve all heard and seen movie & shows about a magical Forest, and now there’s a real-life one that we can all visit! Enjoy The Forest for not one, but two weekends of fun prancing around in a home away from home. With amazing, one of a kind curated events by your favorite artists, art installations & b2b that would blow your mind.


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March 16th & 17th    |     Wonderland    |     San Bernardino, CA

Journey into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland. The Insomniacs bring to life with characters, art installations and more the life and adventures down the rabbit hole. With two days of fun make sure you don’t miss this event! We’ve heard they’ve even expanded to having multiple events!


Panel 4

About Me

Well.. First things first, welcome to Rave Hackers. I’m so happy that you found your way to my little side of the internet!

I found when I was reading and learning about festivals I always wanted to know the story behind the people who’s writing I was reading, and even to this day I ask people all the time what they love about raving, what makes them come back, what got them started. Everything. I love connecting with people on that level. So I wanted to share a little about myself for those of you who are like me and just want to connect on some sort of level.

IMG_6575 To begin, I’m Sommer (that’s me to the left <). Spelled with an ‘o’ and everything. I get a lot of season jokes and it’s been a while since I’ve heard a new one, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, drop it in the comments below.. But anyway. I grew up in a small, one lane, one redlight type town with an even smaller EDM community. I grew up listening to alternative music for a good portion of my life and then one day, I stumbled onto a Bassnectar song.

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was driving to school to lazy to change the channel on Pandora (when that was still a thing) and all the sudden these heady, trance-tunes filled my tiny car and I was hooked. My obsession began, I started listening to artists like ‘Nectar, Seven Lions, anything that would entrance me. To this very day, I’m a basshead first and foremost.

But my passions didn’t stop there. I continued my love for EDM music all throughout college until I hit a period in my life where it was time to make some serious changes. I was at a divergence in my path and I needed to figure out where I was going to go. Left or right? I couldn’t decide.  I searched for answers for a while, seeking refuge in the sounds and music that my favorite dj’s were creating. Until one day my best friend asked me to go to Bassnectar 360. (For those of you who don’t know, that’s Bassnectar’s annual New Year’s Eve Event). 

bassdropI jumped at the opportunity. I bought my ticket as soon as she asked and bought a plane ticket shortly after. It wasn’t until I got to the hotel and my friends started getting dressed that I realized.. I had no idea what was in store for me.

It was at that show that I realized what makes people love these events. It was the community. The purest sense of be who you are and be who you want to be. No one looked twice at the girls running around with jewelry on their nipples or the guy eating confetti off the ground and praying at the rails. After that event I was hooked. I needed that sense of community, that sense of acceptance that you don’t see everywhere.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to appreciate more the little things that we, as humans, do for each other, other humans. And the things we don’t do for each other. When you look at the EDM community, it’s founded on one major principle.

 plur gifPLUR

| Peace | Love | Unity | Respect |

That’s what I want to share with the world. With the people who already know what it is, to the people who don’t understand that it’s not about dressing up (although that’s definitely a plus), but that it’s about surrounding yourself with people who genuinely want to share the music with you and experience it with you as a whole. The EDM community is like a home away from home, the place where you can find people that you’ll continue to see, love, adventure with for the rest of your life. Don’t miss out of this opportunity to be a part of something that see’s itself as bigger than each individual person, but as something where we are all coming together as one.