Raving 101: The Basics

If you’re like me, before you went to your first rave you had no idea what to expect, or what to even know before hand! I remember having so many questions about my first show that my friend literally said “Sommer.. I promise whatever you don’t have I will have. Please stop asking me questions.” I was just so worried, ya’know?!

SO, here are the beginner basics that I wish I had known before my first rave!

Check out the bottom of this post to check out some more information about raving for beginners! 

Eat Properly


Yeah, yeah, kind of lame, but truly. The music is gonna make you feel some type-a-way and dancing burns sooo many calories, so make sure you have enough energy to dance the night away! However you decide to enjoy your show: drinking, sober, (“etc.”), carbing up will make sure you’re good to go all night long! Maybe try and grab yourself something with some antioxidants in too, according to Halina Wilusz over at RaveRafting.com they help prevent fatigue and promote recovery! Try apples, stone fruits, berries, tomatoes, which according to our friend Amy O’Connor at Health.com, are also superfruits! What I found always worked for me and friends was finding somewhere to eat close to the venue. Not only were we actually on-time for the show, but we got great spots in turn! 

As tempting as it might be, try and avoid throwing down cups of coffee, sugary & energy drinks, or caffeine in general. According to, well basically everywhere, unless you’re planning on throwing down for only a brief period give yourself a break from the harsh comedown and opt for water instead!


Do yourself, and your friends, a favor and stay hydrated.


What even is dehydration? It’s when you lose more fluid than you take in (according to our friends over at the Mayo Clinic), and while you’re dancing your cute little rave booty off you’re going to be sweating it off too! Which means you’re going to be losing quite a bit of fluid. With that being said, make sure you’re drinking water! Water is water. Not juice, not beer, no, not shots, water. And if you’re really not a fan of water, then you can also get your hydrating electrolytes in some yummy ass Gatorade!

If you still find that you’re not consuming enough electrolytes (aka: you’re me) there are these niffty little packs, called Raveolution Packs, that are the perfect! You can snatch them up over at Freedom Rave Wear in packs of two! So either one for you and bae or one for before and one for after the rave! Either way, I’d consider it a win!

Bring Cash

Yes, most venues and even festivals will take a card, but I have also seen my fair share of venues that only take cash. Plus, I personally find that I never want to miss a second of a show, even if it’s just for some H2O, and cash is so much easier to use quickly! Personally, I like bringing one dollar bills to shows since beer and water are usually an awkward price like $4 or $6. Annoying, but we can work with it!

And where are you supposed to put said dollah billz? 


I have quite a few suggestions that I personally love, but I’ll leave it at this, bring something that you can keep secure, but wont take up a lot of space. My personal recommendation? Fanny packs/backpacks. I use a thigh pack that I find is so much easier to keep things in when I’m walking around because it doesn’t obstruct me, and of course there are tons of adorable mini-packs, and all others on the market! I got mine on Amazon, but tons of rave sites have great options! Want some more options? Check out my post Fanny Packs & Backpacks for my personal faves & discounts! 


Pro tip: Check your venue’s FAQ’s before you decide to head out. I’ve seen venues that will allow any kind of bag, where-as there are others that wont allow anything inside at all. Check the FAQ page, or be prepared to ditch your gear. 

Be adventurous! 

Venues are huge, and festival grounds can be even bigger. Take a moment with your group when you get inside to decide a place and time to meet up if you get lost/decide to part ways. Don’t be afraid to wonder though! Some of the coolest people I’ve met at raves, and even to date, have been when I’m least expecting it, and when I’ve managed (surprise) to get separated from my friends. People at shows and festivals are seriously so nice and they want to get to know you! I promise 🙂

Check out ravehackers.com for all your rave and festival needs!
Be prepared for any festival or rave! Keep an open mind and be open to meeting people. They will all welcome you with wide arms!

Keep an open mind.


There are all kinds of different people who go to these events, and with that, people express themselves differently too. I was shocked when I walked into a venue and there were girls with no shirt on, literally. Just pasties. *mind blown* With that being said, take advantage of your personal style and dress/look/dance/sing/glove/hoop/anything as comfortably as you want! You’re there to listen and enjoy the music, just like everyone else!


Clothing Options?

charisse-kenion-229492There’s an endless supply of different rave clothing sites out there, and honestly, I love them all. I’m a little addicted to shopping, tbh. However, this is one of my personal favorite things about raves aside from the way the music makes me feel. Wear what makes you comfortable and what expresses you. You’re there to express yourself! My wardrobe ranges depending on the show, but I almost always stalk the artist hashtags on Instagram to get an idea of what people at the shows wear! Go check out my post about rave outfit basics here though if you want a great jumping off point!

I know, a lot of this is stuff that would seem like ‘common sense’, but it’s so easy to forget to drink enough water or to opt for something a little more protein-packed than the usual salad. Okay, who am I kidding, there’s never a moment that I’m not thinking about getting something heftier than a salad. But, the good news is that even if you still wind up with a post-rave hangover the next day, there are all kinds of different supplements that you can take to bounce back even quicker!

If you’re still looking for some more information, maybe some outfit ideas, or maybe just some ideas on what kind of accessories you’re missing out on! Go check out the Rave Babies chapter in the PLUR Bible for more info!

As always, drop us a comment, send us a message, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! And if you just want to stay in the game with the latest and greatest in all that is rave, subscribe and join the Rave Hackers Club!

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