Fanny Packs & Backpacks

Dressing up for raves is up there with one of my favorite parts of raves, however, right there along with dressing up is getting to rock some badass gear along with those adorable outfits! Before I even started taking the time to invest in ‘rave gear’ I was really interested in the gear! I’m always a little weary when ordering clothes online because I have a particular way I like my clothes to fit (check out this post I wrote about different clothing options/companies that I recommend), so I started off with clothes I already had and bought the gear to accentuate my clothes!

SO, here are the fanny packs & backpacks that  I highly recommend as well as use personally!

This is probably one of the more important accessories/pieces of gear I always tell people to make sure they have. Even though it’s not ‘necessary’ per say, you’re going to be jumping up and down and dancing all night, don’t risk losing your cash/ID/keys. Here’s are my favorites/personal suggestions:

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 6.32.10 PM

This drop-leg multipurpose utility pack is my current and personal favorite. I’m going through a phase where I’m doing a lot of headbanging and this pack stays secure and close all night loooong. I’m a personal fan simply because it has enough storage to keep everything important locked up safe without fear of losing everything if I open the wrong pocket! However, this is by far NOT the only option!


Here are quite a few more options, along with some REALLY great sites!

I’ll keep this short because it’s truly all about the links right? 🙂 From right to left:

  1. FreedomeRaveWear: If you’re not familiar, get familiar! They’re an amazing company with some grade A gear! Above is their Holographic Backpack, as well as their Donut Fanny Pack, which is just ONE of their many fanny pack options! If you’re looking to save a little money, use code: kfydonuts for a lit discount 🙂
  2. RaveWonderland: Another one of my favorites! Above are just two of their many adorable bags! The first being their Faux Furry Bunny Mini Backpack (which comes in 4 different colors), and their I Love You Holographic Mini Backpack (which comes in 3 different colors)! Use the code: kfydonuts to get another lit ass discount!
  3. Dollskill: Here’s a great option even if you don’t need rave gear! Their clothes AND rave gear are DOPE. Above: Mini Galaxy Backpack, the X-Hustler Magazine Hip-Bag, and their Rage Wolf Hydration Backpack (yeah that’s right, a HYDRATION pack, for all you rage animals out there!)
  4. iHeartRaves: Truly an iconic brand; The IHR Unicorns are some of my faves! Their gear is 10/10 to boot too! Check out their Rose Gold Mini Backpack or their otherworldly Hologram Alien Backpack.

Is there a particular brand that you always go to for your rave bags? Do you make your own? Or do you just have some other suggestions that you want your fellow ravers to know about?! Share them in the comments or shoot us a message! Either way:


This page does contain some affiliate links. However, I don’t recommend anything that I don’t personally use currently or have used in the past! It took me a long time to find these things when I was a beginner so I want to make your guys experiences all amazing from the start! 

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