Rave Outfits: The Basics

“What do you wear to a rave?”

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that I get when I’m either telling people about raves/festival or just talking to my friends about what I’m going to wear to the next show. When I was preparing for my first rave I really didn’t know what to expect or what to wear, so I wore leggings and a tank top that was tye-dye and called it square. Obviously there’s a lot of options out there, I’m giving you a break down of my personal favorite clothing sites. But fear not! I’ll be doing totally separate posts about tops, bottoms, shoes, and everything in-between! So keep your eyes peeled!

Turns out, that’s totally A-OK.

Wear anything that you want to a rave! Even snuggies are totally acceptable! I tell this to everyone, especially people that I’m convincing to go to their first rave, wear whatever will make you feel the most comfortable. Yes, very generic but let me just say, if you’re uncomfortable it’s a waste because no one really cares about what you’re wearing. They just want you to have a good time and to spread the good vibes!

I won’t leave you hanging though! Here are some REALLY cute choices from some of my favorite sites! BUT, these by NO MEANS are the only websites/places to get clothing choices. These are just a great jumping off point!

Freedom Rave Wear

A personal favorite of mine, FRW not only has some of the most amazing prints I’ve ever seen, but they always have them out before EVERYONE else. And their stuff is made by hand, can’t beat a little PLUR in every stitch right?! They’ve got some amazing choices to choose from! I personally think they have some of the best prints in the game in terms of originality and are a go-to for me when I need a new rave look! Below are only a few of their pieces, including some from their new Moon Shower collection that just dropped THIS week (01/01/18). Save yourself some dough with code: KFYDONUTS





Again, another personal favorite site that I’m truly obsessed with! They have a ranging selection of items from sequins and frills to leather and studs. They have it all! They also have a range in price tag, but hit them up when they’re having a sale and you’ll snag some great options for a great price! They also have a fantastic shoe collection that’s to die for. Here are some of my personal favorites that I have my eyes on currently! Keep ya posted on reviews once they’re purchased!




Honestly an all-around A1 company and brand. They have some extensive clothing options for any and all ravers! They were actually one of the very first places that I ended up buying rave clothes on! They not only have some really great options, BUT they also have options ranging from cheap to expensive and everything in between! They also have a really great blog called the Studio 240 Blog which is also another AMAZING raving resource. Check it out if you haven’t yet!



Rave Wonderland

So, again, another fave. They were actually one of the first rave outfit websites that I had found when I started looking. I wanted something that was going to be affordable, but yet still super cute with good quality. This site, along with iHeartRaves, were definitely one of my first preferred sites just because they had items that weren’t all expensive, but were afforable and still cute! o check them out and save yourself some bills with the code: KFYDONUTS at checkout! 




SO, obviously these aren’t the only sites or even companies that sell rave or festival apparel, however, they are my all-time favorites as of late! I’ve included the links to those websites (and insta handles) below, as well as a ton of other links to other websites that sell rave and festival gear/goodies! Check ’em out!

Freedom Rave Wear @freedomravewear (save $$ with code: KFYDONUTS) 

Dolls Kill @dollskill

iHeartRaves @iheartraves

Rave Wonderland @ravewonderland (save $$ with code: KFYDONUTS) 

Shop Ocean Moon @shopoceanmoon

Little Black Diamond @littleblackdiamond

Rolita Couture @rolitacouture

I know that there are also a TON of Esty stores that have some amazing one of kind pieces in them as well! Would you like to see a post about different Esty shops? Or have some suggestions of stores or places to get good clothes? Let us know! Drop us a comment or send us a message!




This page does contain some affiliate links. However, I don’t recommend anything that I don’t personally use currently or have used in the past! It took me a long time to find these things when I was a beginner so I want to make your guys experiences all amazing from the start! 


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