The Ultimate Bonnaroo Survival Guide

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When I went to my first ‘Roo I had absolutely NO idea what to bring, what to expect, and honestly, when I decided that I was going to go, I had only been to two, yes TWO EDM concerts in my life. But those shows made me feel some type of way because I was determined to go to Bonnaroo and have the time of my life! Since then, I’ve created the ultimate list of all the things that I WISH I had known before my first Bonnaroo experience, as well as all the places that I found all my great info (if I found it online!).

So here we goooo:

I. Tickets – Bonnaroo offers GA, VIP and Platinum tickets.The Ultimate Bonnaroo Survival Guide!

  • GA tickets– obviously, these are the cheapest option that if offered. However, if you buy four at once you get a free Car Camping Pass (which is normally 50$ bought separately). Need tickets ASAP? Go here!
  • VIP/ Platinum– So these are the nicer, obviously a little more price options that are also available. They have some awesome perks though, such as glamping, exclusive entrances & dance grounds and special, exclusive showers *ooooh*Want to know more? Go here!


tommy-lisbin-532241-unsplashII. Sleeping Accomidations– With Bonnaroo you have a couple different options! You can choose to car camp, which is what the usual Bonnaroovians op’t for, but there are also options for Le-Bon Camping (aka: glamping), RV Camping, Groop Camping, Community camping and day parking! This one is a little long, but there are just so many options, I want you to be informed!

  • Car Camping– This is what most Bonnaroovians go for when deciding how they’re going to sleep. This allows you a space for to park your car within the farm campgrounds (which are split up into plazas [previously known as pods] & numbered), but you also get a section beside your car to set up shop for your tents and whatever else you want while on your ‘Roo-cation! **Remember: A car camping pass is usually $50 when bought separately, but is FREE when you purchase 4 tickets at once!** Check out more info here!
  • Le-Bon Camping– This is an exceptionally cool option! Bonnaroo offers a couple different types of ‘glamping’ experiences, some of them available to all ‘Roo-ers, some of them only available to the VIP. Some of them offer all free merch, others offer electricityfor charging stations, air conditioning and even beds! They all seem to be in a really great location in proximity to the entrance of Centeroo too! Wink wink* Need some more details? You can find them here!
  • RV Camping– I’ve always wish that I knew someone who had an RV because this seems like it would be SO ideal! With an RVScreen Shot 2018-01-12 at 5.15.44 PM pass you get a 20′ x 50′ space, which you’re free to use as you see fit it just has to fit everything! You also can get an electricity amp but it does cost you a little extra! Find out more about RV camping here!
  • Groop Camping– I’m super excited to be trying out this option for 2018! By choosing to do Groop camping you, and 23 other friends, get a HUGE camping spot to set up shop! What’s the point you ask? Instead of having to worry about everyone showing up at the exact time, and getting in and staying in line all together (which we all know can already be difficult) you all can show up at any time, but you can still all be together to camp! *woot woot!* Wanna know more? Go here! Registration for Groop leaders starts Feb. 9th and individuals ends May 4th! 
  • Community/Themed Camping– This was a spectacular find when I found out what this was and that Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 5.18.14 PM.pngit was offered at Bonnaroo! If you’re coming alone, just want a bigger community to interact with, or just want to meet some newpeople, this is the opt
    ion for you! Themed camping gives you options of different massive groop camps that are open for anyone to join! Solo Roo’ers Camp, She’Roo and even Fan SuperJam Camp toname a few! Go check out some other options here!
  • Day Parking/ShuttlesJust because you want to go to Bonnaroo doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily ‘camp’, but you can catch a hotel nearby! How are you going to get to the farm you ask? You can either snag yourself a day parking pass, here, or you can grab the shuttle which picks up at a few different hotels in the area! Check that list out and snag a pass here!



III. ‘Roo Croo Travel Planning– Figuring out how you’re going to actually get from your initial destination (your house) to the Farm is probably super important! You don’t want to miss your Croo in line or end up at the airport at the wrong time and totally miss the first day! You can drive onto the farm with your Croo, take a shuttle from airport, ride-share or bus!

  • Drive in together– this is a pretty typical option for Bonnaroovians. Decided how many cars you can take (aka: how many car camping passes you have) and divide people up from there! **if you’re going to regular GA camping, I recommend finding a destination to fill up for gas as well as to meet the rest of your Croo to drive in together. Once you hit the line traffic will be a little crazy, so meet up and stay together! If you drive in together, risk going through the back road entrances at your own risk. I have friends who end up right in the front, but who also usually end up in the very very back, in a very very shitty line. Get more deets here. Wanna know what to expect once you’re at the gates? Get some more info about it here.
  • Shuttle Services– There are a few options: you can get solely a shuttle from the airport, which will pick you up at the Nashville Airport (BNA), or you can purchase a Nashville Shuttle & Ticket, which would include a shuttle bus from Nashville to Centeroo and back everyday, as well as your ticket for ‘Roo! If you wanna know more, or wanna snag a dope ass ticket deal, go here!
  • Ride-Share & Buses– Every year Bonnaroo offers buses from different cities throughout the Southeast and Midwest! Not only do they have buses, but they also set up a carpooling service! So dope, I know. We’re still waiting to hear about how it’s going to be for 2018, but subscribe to be the first to know when they drop their 2018 Ride-Share deets!


IV. Get ready!– Now that all the logistics are out of the way you can take care of the fun stuff! AKA: Getting ready for ‘Roo! Make sure that you have everything you need as well as anything that could make you experience that much better!

  • The basic generals– This is a break down of all the general things that you should have for Bonnaroo, aka: tents, sleeping bags, cooking grills, etc.!
  • The Ultimate Packing List- This list is going to break down step by step for you guys what you need to bring for Bonnaroo so you can thrive in survive! it’s going to have everything from plastic utensils to earplugs!


This is only the beginning young ‘Rooling! The Rave Hackers are here to guide you through this amazing journey! The preparation section of the Ultimate Bonnaroo Survival Guide is designed to prepare all you young ‘Rooers for this experience, as well as keep all you old heads out there up-to-date on the ever-changing times. Technology maaaan. Subscribe to the email list for exclusive Bonnaroo survival guide, as well as first access to updates and new posts!

Have some preparation tips of your own? Or just have some questions? Shoot us a message or leave a comment below! Either way….



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