“How-To”: Perling

So you’ve made yourself some kandi and you’ve been stalking ravers on instagram and seeing all these cute ass necklaces with designs that are insane in the membrane. You know they’re not making those bad boys with pony beads, and you’re right, they’re not. They’ve been made with perler beads. This post is going to set you up to make your very own dope ass accessories! I won’t lie, I’ve only recently started making my own perlers but have found some really great success with them (and they’re just fun so why not?).

Here’s what you’re going to need:

Perler Beads (find the ones I use here)

Pegboard(s) (get the ones I use here!)

Ironing Paper (this usually will come with your beads and with your pegboards!)

Iron & Ironing board


Possibly a perler pattern (check out my Pinterest here for ideas, or check out kandipatterns.com for some other good ideas!)

These are what I personally use! The last picture is the ‘tool’ that I use to pick up my perler beads and drop them onto the pegboard, it’s just a paperclip! You can also use a toothpick 🙂 


Now you’ve got your supplies! Onto the fun part!

When I started making perlers I had never even seen them, let alone know the first thing about making and using a pattern. I started off by searching for cute little perler patterns on Pinterest and youtube and ended up using this video!


This is the video that I used for my very first perlers! It’s honestly a great video and she’s the one that gave me the idea to use a paperclip because she recommends a toothpick!


So first things first I decided to separate out the colors that I wanted. I originally purchase the 11,000 count assorted beads so I wanted to make my life a little easier and just separated out a TON of each color (in this case light pink, white, light blue and black).


Perler and Kandi DIY Making. Learn how to make perlers like a professional raver!

I personally, I like to just look at my pattern and put the perlers down as I want on the board, but I’ve also seen people who like to put their pattern underneath the board. It’s going to work either way so it’s really whatever makes you most comfortable! Once you’ve decided how you’re going to use your pattern GET PERLING!


IT’S TIME! Get to perling! This is the step where that paperclip/toothpick will come in handy. I personally have fake nails so being able to pick up each individual bead is pretty much impossible. I bend the paperclip into a little hook and then scoop up a few beads on it at a time and just drop them on the board! It saves time and is sooo much easier! You can also use a toothpick; it’s really whatever is the easiest for you/what you have at your disposal!

This is how I usually grab and drop my beads! Obviously, do what makes you comfortable though!

**if you come to a breakpoint at this pattern, I recommend plugging in your iron to let it start getting hot!


This is what your finished product should look like before you iron it! Just lay your ironing paper on top of it! Pegboard and all!

Now that your pattern is completed it’s time to make it permanently perfectttt! Take your pattern (pegboard and all) and put it on your ironing board. This is where you’re going to need that ironing paper! Lay down your pegboard, lay your ironing paper over your board and pattern and iron away!

**If you’re using white, make sure you don’t leave your iron on too long or it’ll get a little crispy like my milk cartons >.<

The first time I did this part I didn’t iron the beads all the way to let them melt and stick together! Once the first side is melted together, peel off your ironing paper, flip over your board and iron the other side of your perler with the ironing paper! THEN WALA! You have yourself a completed perler! Congrats!

These are some of my favorite perler’s that I’ve completed thus far! Check out below if you want to know how to turn them into dope necklaces like I did!


If you want a shout out/have an Instagram make sure you include it in your message so we can tag you! All final pieces will be put up on our Instagram page! (Go follow us!


Most of the time you’ll see people at raves with awesome necklaces and bracelets with these great patterns! It’s really easy to turn them into one! Just snag yourself some stretch string (the same kind to make kandi out of)! I start by tying knots into the string through one side of the perler bead and then start dropping the pony beads onto it, and then tie off the other end to the other side of the perler!

Learn more about how to make kandi neckalces and bracelets at my other post here!

This page does contain some affiliate links. However, I don’t recommend anything that I don’t personally use currently or have used in the past! It took me a long time to find these things when I was a beginner so I want to make your guys experiences all amazing from the start! 

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