The Ultimate Bonnaroo Survival Guide

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The Ultimate Bonnaroo Survival Guide

Bonnaroo is a once (a year) experience that changes every year! Bonnaroo was one of the first festivals that I attended and honestly, it was a life-changing experience and is one of the biggest reasons that I truly fell in love with the raving community. But there are all kinds of different things that you should know before you even set off on this exciting journey! Check out my post “Preparation” to know all the little things you should know once you’ve decided to actually purchase a ticket!

This guide below is going to give you a general overview of what you should know for Bonnaroo! There are going to be a ton of link off’s to different posts that will give you a little more information on certain ‘Roo subjects!


Let’s start with the basics! Bonnaroo is located in Manchester, TN (exact location here) and a 4-day music festival usually falling over the second weekend of June (this year the 7th – 10th). The line-up changes every year; This is the one for 2018 (it’s pretty lit):


The campgrounds open on Wednesday evening (disclaimer: the line is usually long but it usually moves, albiet slowly, but it moves don’t risk back roads!). Once you’ve gotten to your campground you’ll begin setting up your campsite and I highly recommend meeting your neighbors!

Yes, get to know your neighbors! Bonnaroo is all about good vibes and sharing those good vibes with your fellow ‘Roo-ers! 

If you want to know more about what you’ll need for camping, check out my post about the ‘bear-necessities’! And if you’d like to know more about what to expect when you’re getting closer to entering ‘Roo and during car checks here!

Once you’ve got camp set up it’s time to start exploring! (Recommendations about set up: here) “The Farm” is exceptionally large, but closer to the time of the festival their app (available on iOS & I’m not sure about Andriod) will also have a map that you can look at and use! Get to know where your plaza (previously known as “pods”) is located in relation to other plazas as well as in relation to CenterRoo! CenterRoo is where all the real fun begins!


CenterRoo is where all the stages, clothing & food vendors, and other ‘Roo-tastic activities! There are a couple different entrances that you can go through, but make sure you at least go under the Arch for a pic at least once!


The lines will vary depending on what time you go through! You will also need to make sure that your hydration pack is empty before going through because they’ll make you empty out the water either way! You will also go through a bag check! Do with that information as you will and be prepared to hide whatever ‘goodies’ you might have! If you want some great outfit choices for Bonnaroo, check here or go peep my Pinterest, here!

Once inside CenterRoo there is A LOT to look at, from different stages playing music to clothing vendors to different organizational booths! If you’re with a large group, or really just anyone, take the time to set meet up times and locations. My friends and I neglected to do this and I didn’t see any of them for practically four days unless we were at the campsite. Don’t depend on your phone either because there are a ton of people and the Farm has limited service as it is! Take the time to unplug and really get down with nature 🙂

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Bonnaroo is a marathon, not a sprint so keep that in mind when you’re preparing for the farm and once you get there! Drink a lot of water. Eat enough food to stay energized. Don’t stay in your tent after 6 am or die from the heat. 6-8 is premo ‘shade tent’ sleeping, if you ask me. Pace yourself in terms of drinking or drugs. Again, you have four days, so maybe don’t trip your balls off at 7am on Thursday morning.

The best advice that I can give you “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY“. I promise that it will tell you when it’s had enough or when it needs more. Listen. Don’t be afraid to take a breather. Your friends will thank you when you’re not dying in the middle of their favorite DJ set. Most importantly, RADIATE POSITIVITY. 


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