Rave Babies

First things first, go here.

This is the first place that you have to go. This is going to explain to you the very basics of preparing for your first rave! Although it’s just the basics, I promise that if you know these, even if you don’t look anywhere else on this site or never look through another Reddit thread again, knowing the basics will keep you surviving & thriving through any festival or rave!

NOW, since you know the basics, check out some of these posts below!



Lets go shopping!

This is an introduction to the best rave clothing websites and why I love them! With so many different options out there it can get a little overwhelming!  Snag yourself some new digs at some great affordable options!




Photo by Ahmed Carter

Fanny Packs & Backpacks

Check here for some GREAT suggestions about different fanny packs and backpacks that will be the perfect accessory for any rave outfit! Don’t let your stuff get lost in the sauce, keep it secure in an adorable bag! With so many choices out there you could have one for every outfit!

Glasses n’ Goggles 

Looking for a new perspective? Check here! With DJ’s stepping up their light game, a rockin’ pair of kaleidoscope glass/goggles is a serious necessity. These are some awesome options if you want some great ‘looks’ at your next rave or festival!


Fear not! There is much, much more to come! Keep checking here frequently for updates, or join our subscription list to stay updated when there’s new content out! There are a ton of new things that are getting ready to drop on the site and we’d hate for anyone to miss out!

If you think you have a particularly good idea about something that would be dope for the site, or if there’s something that you’d like to see on the site that you haven’t seen yet,

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 6.42.16 PM

And drop us a note about what you’d like to see! Or drop us a comment below! We always love hearing from you guys!




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