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Here at Rave Hacker we want you all to be prepared for any rave situation, whether that be reminding everyone to hydrate before and after the rave, or just knowing how to bring those down right ~good vibes~.

“So.. What do we do now?”

“Wait.. What do you mean there are ‘Toll Booths’?” If that’s something you’ve said when you’ve been reading/hearing about Bonnaroo, this is the page for you. Get to know exactly what to expect at the Bonnaroo Toll Booths here.

“ready. SET UP. go”

Have you ever tried to set up a tent site in the middle of the day, on a Tennessee summer mornin’, after driving all night long? Well we have, and highly recommend not following in our footsteps. Figure out how to set up your campsite like a pro, and with as little extra effort and sweat as possible.

“The ‘b-e-a-r necessities’ “

Let’s just completely (try) and avoid that almost unavoidable “uh-oh” moment. Click here for those important, bear, necessities that every smart and prepared Bonnaroovian should have when they’re preparing for the journey out to The Farm!



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