So.. What do we do now?

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This was the question that literally every. single. one of us had once we finally made it to the ‘Entrance’ of the farm. We, along with probably thousands of other people and cars, were heading towards what looked to be ‘toll booths’ that led to what looked like a land full of mystery and a lot of people! Well, I’ve got good news, and maybe  more good news or bad news depending on how you want to look at it:

Good News: You’re finally at the entrance of Bonnaroo and you’re so very very close to getting to embark on the most magical of experiences!

Good/Bad News: You’re about to go through car checks, which is your only obstacle before going on your Rooventure!

So here’s everything you should know before getting to those beautiful ‘Rootastic Gates. 

As previously mentioned, there’s an upside to this point in time, but depending on what you’ve got in your car, you could have just one little bump (or big one) on the journey to the farm! Here’s what to know:

Be smart

There are going to be millions of people at this event, and they’re all trying to get into the same place as you. BE PATIENT. What would be worse, getting a little far away from CenterRoo because you let someone go in front of you, or crashing yours (or your parents) car and creating an even bigger problem for you and everyone else around you? Just don’t do it. If you’re driving with multiple cars, just stick with your group and go slow. People will get what you’re trying to do.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 6.36.23 PM


Be smart. 


Be patient.


Stick together.



Once you’ve made it to the grass and you see those beautiful (and slightly exciting) toll booths in the middle of a giant grass field: fear not, you’re in the right place. There are going to be quite a few different options once you get to this point,

I recommend: 

A: You and your friends all stay behind each other in the exact same line (probably your best bet).

If all else fails, B: get in different lines side by side with each other. Now is not the time to lose one another. 

If you all get a little separated though, don’t worry. Once you’ve made it through the gates there’s a long dirt road that will take you to the camping plazas (previously known as pods). Want to know more about all the new ‘Roo-dates that the Farm’s bringing this year? Check ’em out here!

So once you’re at the front of the line.. What do you do?

Good question my little ‘Roo-ling. Now is the moment of truth, for starters the majority of you will be going through just regular car checks, which are performed by Bonnaroo volunteers (so fellow Bonnaroovians). Be nice and spread them some love. Chances eric that 70's show memeare, they’ve been out there for a while and they’re ready to start dancing to the tunes just as bad as you! And lets be honest, they’re your ticket inside, we wouldn’t wanna piss them off. 🙂 Now, full disclaimer: there WILL be cops performing random car checks. They will take everything, literally everything, out of your car and sweep it for drugs or anything the like. Sadly, these are completely random. Bring ‘goodies’ at your own risk.

Here’s the list of what they’re going to be looking for: 

|    Glass    |     Kegs     |     Weapons     |     Drones     |     Fireworks      | Illegal Substances     |      Bicycles (anything 2+ wheels)      |      Professional Cameras      |      Pets      |      Glow Sticks    |     Laser Pens     |     Vending     |     Tools     |

If you want a more comprehensive and detailed list of what they do and don’t allow,  click here (scroll down to “Getting to the fest, #4).

Put your cooler in an accessible location. This is going to FOR SURE be the one thing they’re checking. They’re also going to do a general sweep of your car, and yes, you will have to get out and stand while they look. But hey, this is a great time to chat them up (wink wink*). They’re going to check for drugs and weapons and glass. Those are going to be the biggest things.

Once they’re performed your car check and you’ve skated through unscathed…


Minions Welcome Back Meme

You will go through the toll booth and a Bonnaroo volunteer will hand you a couple maps of the Farm. USE THIS MAP. IT WILL SAVE YOU. There’s going to be a dirt road in front of you that leads to the plazas (aforementioned). This is a good place to PULL OFF THE ROAD to wait for your friends to make it through their gates (there’s room for about 20/30 cars to all pullover and wait for their respective ‘missing cars’). Once you’re together again, make your way down the dirt road, follow the directions of the volunteers, they will direct you to your plaza and campsite! Get ready to embark on a journey of exploration through a portal of adventure and self-discovery!

Rick and Morty Meme.gif

Not sure what to do next? Go check out how we set up and prepare for our four-day Roo-cation under the heavenly Tennessee sky, over here.

What are your suggestions on getting through the Bonnaroo Toll Booths?! Is there a way that you get through (or a good time?) that lets you and all your friends get through with ease? Share it in the comments below! OR, pop over to our community page The Rave Hackers Club and start a conversation!  We will be creating a massive “Tips & Tricks” portion of the site that accumulates everyone’s tips and advice in one, searchable place! So share away!! Either way,



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