ready. SET UP. go.

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You made it little one! You survived car checks, managed not to get into an accident or lose your group, and now you’re all being ushered into your space for camping! If you’ve been waiting in line, I’m sure you’re exhausted, but please, bear with me, I promise it’ll be sooooo worth it.


Yes, you’ve just gotten in from probably a long drive, and you’ve been sitting in an equally long line, waiting to get into this magical AF festival. But the good news is, you’re here! So let’s make the most of your time on The Farm!

Chances are it’s still pretty early in the morning, which means that it’s not hot as hell outside. Yet. So take advantage of this time to set up your basic gear (I.E. Tents/sleeping bags/cots) and then get the hell to bed! You’re going to be up pretty soon with the sun so take advantage of the cooler temps while you still can. Not sure what gear you should use? Check out some good choices here).

When the sun comes up it’s time to play! It’s going to start to get warm and I highly recommend getting up and drinking some water and get your day started! If you stay in your tent, you wind up dehydrated from the sun beating into your tent all day (take it from me *sigh*)

Now that the suns out? Make your camp pretty! And noticeable! This is when we usually throw up our tapestries, lay out blankets, hang lights, etc. Want a fun list of camp decorations?! Click <–

That’s it!

You’re done. Now go explore my young one, come back and tell Rave Mama what you found while exploring!

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