What’s New with Roo?

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As many of you (I’m sure) have figured out that I’m a pretty big advocate for Bonnaroo! It was a life-changing experience, truly, which is why I continue to go back every year.  But, as some of you may NOT know, this year (2018) Bonnaroo has made some really really awesome new changings and updates for this year on the farm! Even though I wish they were somewhere all in one place, I decided instead of making all you guys go looking for these awesome updates I keep raving about…

I put them all right here in one place!

Bonnaroo 2018: Updates

Stages & Music

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If you haven’t heard, the KALLIOPE STAGE is back baby, and this year it’s going to be better than ever! If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience this stage, think “pyrotechnices and surprise, unannounced DJ sets into the early mornings”. You guessed it: party into the day-light by little Roo-lings! I hope to see you all there! (Make sure you come and say hi if you see me!)

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Plazas & Barns

If this is your first time attending Bonnaroo then you may not be familiar with the term “pod”. That’s because this year, pods have now been changed into plazas! If you’re not familiar at all with what’s going on, Plazas (pods) are located at the center of each camping ground! Check out some of the d-o-p-e ass stuff you can get at yours!

|     Free Wifi     |     Shade     |     Showers     |     Medical     |      Fun Activities & Art    |     Saftey Stations    |     Portapoddy     |     & MORE!      |

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This year, Bonnaroo is bringing the famous Brooklyn nightclub “House of Yes” all the way to the Farm and they’re bringing their famous “Circus of Yes”! NEEd to know more? Check out the “House of Yes” here!


The “Well” Plaza is probably going to be one of my new hangouts this year, I can already tell. If you just need some time to re-center and gather your zen, this is the best place! Dedicated to gathering your mind, body & soul. Check out their Roo Meditation, Roo Run & more all located here! The part that I’m most excited for though??..

Tonalism. It’s truly as cool as it sounds! Pretty much the Bonnaroo dedicated cuddle puddle space! Get comfy with your pillow, blankets, cushions, etc. and check out their live DJ sets with mind-blowing projections, installations, and multi-media events.


Bonnaroo has promised EVEN MORE amaze-ballz stuff to come! If this post hasn’t gotten you beyond hype, then I don’t know what will… except maybe getting an email in the near future telling you that Bonnaroo has revealed NEW & AMAZING stuff for this years Farm experience!! Make sure you subscribe so you can get that email and get even more excited! We can’t wait to see you all on the Farm!


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