Electric Forest- Tickets

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** Something to keep in mind is that allyes all, of these options come with an RV add-on that you can purchase along with your wristbands!**

If you’re not sure where any of these poppin’ options are located in relation to the entrance at Tripolee, check the map at the bottom of the post!

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jake-ingle-140407-unsplash.jpgWith your GA wristband, you get access to the festival AS WELL as a spot for you and your car to camp at! You need to have at least two or more people in your car for this option though! But you should want to save the Earth anyway, so carpool and reduce our carbon footprint one festival at a time! If you’re interested in snagging a ticket before they’re all gone, go here! You can purchase your tickets directly from that link! Definitely, make sure you snag them before tickets are all sold out. There are already a couple different tiers that are completely gone already!

The campgrounds open at 12:01 AM on Thursday, and close at 12:00 PM Monday!

Tent Only Camping-

You guessed it! In this little section, you can only camp with your tent (and no extra ticket add-ons necessary, just bring your cute little rave booty)! This is a great option if you’re traveling to the Forest on their shuttle system (more below!) or if you just don’t want to bring your car! If you’re looking to have a more magical experience among the trees, there are the Maplewood camping options! (As of our last update, this option is sadly sold out)

* Pro Tip: You can purchase an “Early Move-In” add-on option that lets you get into the campsites on Wednesday instead of Thursday!

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.46.12 AM

This is the Electric Forest VIP experience, and it is truly a VIP experience. The Good Life includes a couple different camping options for attendees, check ‘em out below:

Good Life Village & Sherwood Court (tent only camping)sherwood forest- electric forest

If you decide to go camping in the village, you’ll be camping near your car! However, if you’re in Sherwood Court you’ll be camping away from your car (it’ll be parked in a lot adjacent from the camping grounds!) and getting to enjoy the loveliness that nature has to offer! Intrigued? Snag your tickets right here!

Exciting news, don’t feel like bringing your own tent? The Forest will provide one for you!

Bungalow and Electric Avenue Tents

These options have tents included with your camping space, as well as a wristband for access to the festival! These are excellent options if you’re wanting to go the VIP route and you’re traveling from far and don’t want to lug a tent around! However, the Bungalows are all sold out, but don’t worry! The Electric Avenue Tents are still available! This option is conveniently located near Sherwood Forest entrance as well!

*Pro Tip: The campgrounds in Electric Forest are all laid out like city blocks and streets! (aka: everything and everywhere has a name!)

Are you looking for a little more lavish luxury?

Check out the Back 40 Enchanted Campground or the new Village Villas

This is where E-Forest attendees can find cabins, log homes, or spacious wooded campgrounds!  The campgrounds offer cabanas, brunches and more! Just to show how impressively popular these options are they are all sold out! Save the Good Life Back 40 Enchanted Campground! This is where you can camp out with more than enough space for you and your entire group. Snag them here before they’re all gone!

Here are the amenities included with all these amazeballs VIP options!

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.41.30 AMelectric forest VIP

  • Premium viewing areas (Sherwood Court & Ranch Arena)
  • Late Late Night Silent Disco (new for 2018!)
  • Good Life Lounge access (shade, food, lounge seating, private bar AND special events!)
  • Air-conditioned private bathrooms (also including full access to the Good Life Village!)
  • Private food vendors, ice machines, ATMs, special events
  • Happy hours (4-6) as well as access to the Woodland Kitchen & Bar
  • Shortcut entrances to the venue
  • 24 hour access to the Good Life Express shuttle
  • Water Parker/ Frontier

So what do you guys think? Where will you be spending your Electric Forest 2018 experience? Do you all have any pro tips on camping options that are the best bang for your buck? Tell us below! Or send us a message! Also make sure you’re subscribing so you can stay up to date for the rest of the Electric Forest Travel Guide (including outfit and makeup ideas, AND artist recaps)!

EITHER WAY, we wanna hear from you!

electric forest map


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