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Congrats! So you’ve decided to go to Bonnaroo, WELCOME to the Bonnaroovian family! We’re all excited to have you with us on the journey that’s going to be Bonnaroo 2018! If you’re looking directly for the Bonnaroo site, check here, BUT you’ve obviously come here for a reason. Whether this be your very first Bonnaroo or your millionth, you’ve come to the best place to prepare for this amazing event!

The key to success is being prepared and that exactly what this guide will provide for you!




The Ultimate Survival Guide 

This is going to be your general overview of Bonnaroo! Get a taste for what an amazing journey it’s going to be! With so much to see, all new installations and guests that are designed to blow our minds, make sure you’re not missing anything before you make the journey out to the farm!

What’s new with ‘Roo?

Our friends over at the Farm never cease to out-do themselves with the fun and exciting events they bring to life during Bonnaroo. Stay on the ball and make sure you know all the can’t miss things you need to experience at Bonnaroo this year!




Get ready for Bonnaroo the right way! Make sure you don’t have that unfortunate uh-oh moment. Check out this page for different information on tickets, camping, and getting to Bonnaroo!

The “Bear-Necessities”

This is a breakdown of what has and has not worked for me and my Roo Croo in previous years. It’s also a great breakdown of items that you should get on your radar so you can find them on sale/borrow them/etc. 


eric that 70's show memeI’m at the Farm, “What now?”

So you’ve made the journey, by car or by air. This is not only where you can find information about actually getting onto the Farm, but we’ve also provided you with the list of things that ARE NOT allowed on the Farm. It’s good info, don’t miss it! This is a breakdown of what you should expect once you get into line and what to expect once you’re at the front and going through car checks! 




Setting up Camp

Setting up a good campsite and having some good campsite essentials will ensure you have a comfy 4 days while you’re on the Farm! Although it seems remedial, don’t have that uh-oh moment when you realize that you didn’t bring any stakes for your tent and don’t have a single blanket packed. Sleep is so important when you’re running around the one Farm, so make sure you’re getting as much quality sleep as you can! Check out this section to get some ideas on what previous ‘Roo-ers have done to their camps and some the items that are essential to having a good site!




freestocks-org-570356-unsplash.jpgNavigating the Schedule Conflicts (coming 01/07/2019)

If you’re familiar with the festival scene then you know that you don’t always get to catch every single one of your favorite artists entire set, especially when you’re at a festival with multiple faves! With the lineup, this hosting some of the biggest names in the DJ world right now, here at Rave Hackers we’re here to guide you all through the can’t miss artists and the shows you’re bound to see again at a later tour date. 


Make sure that you don’t miss out on our new page that’s coming out at the end of April! Figure out which artists you shoud see on the Farm, from acts that could disappear at the end of the year, to artists that are just so classic that you can’t miss the chance to experience them at such an amazing venue! Subscribe to stay current and don’t miss a beat when you get the Farm this June!

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