Experienced Ravers

This page is for all of my more seasoned ravers! This is where you’re going to get all the extra information that we always want. You know, the logistics“Where are the least used porta-potties at a festival?”, “SHOULD I splurge on that VIP ticket even though it’ll drain my bank account?” You’ll find all those answers here! All those nitty gritty little details, and as always pro tips, are all located right here

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Don’t miss out on that one festival that you’d heard all about but never could find any confident information on! You’ll find everything you’ll need right. here. From artists overviews, venue recommendations, and even the best festival choices to absolutely splurge on that VIP ticket! In this section, we’re aspiring to provide everyone with the best information to make sure that whatever experience you’re looking to have, you find it. 

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