There’s always that one person/group at a festival that you see that really stands out- either because they have a really cool campsite with some dope gear or they’ve managed to fit two weeks worth of outfits into one bag. We don’t know about anyone else but we’ve always wanted to stop and ask them ‘how did you manage to get all this stuff here?’ or ‘wow that’s a lot of clothes.. how?’ etc.

Well, we finally decided it was time to put all that good shit somewhere, and we thought where better to put it than on the interweb- FOR EVERYONE. Check it out.

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How to buy festival camping gear (when balling on a budget) 

It’s hard dropping a lot of money on festival gear- we get that. Whether you’re an avid festival goer, or this is your very first one this is the best stop. Get camping gear that’s going to last not through just one but multiple festivals. Not only are you getting our personal recommendations and of other fellow fest-goers we’ve met over the years, but even the Amazon reviews are from fest friends! It was meant to be. Go check it out.