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Like all the rave babies out there, we love everything that has to do with picking out cute outfits, even when we’re just putting on a big t-shirt and shorts. But, if you’re new to the game or you’re just in a rut and need some more inspiration, you’re in the right place. We know how hard it is to bring together an outfit when you’re scrolling through hundreds of different pages, pictures, models, etc. Especially when you’re going to multiple different looks!

So here at Rave Hackers, we’ve brought all those goodies right here to you in one easy to find place. This is where you’re going to be able to find all kinds of different outfit inspirations, reviews, best websites for the most bang for your buck and so much more. You’ll notice after the companies that we list in each of these posts there’s going to be either $, $$, $$$ which will be an easy way to indicate for you guys where these options are in terms of price range.


The Catalog

This is where you will the VERY SAME outfit/designer catalog that we ourselves use for our festival shenanigans. This is where we go when we’re looking for a little more inspiration or just want to branch out from what we’ve been into recently. The outfit catalog has a comprehensive list (that is always growing) of all the different clothing, accessories, shoes and more that we can find on the internet! So indulge yourself. Stay a while. Shop a little.


The Basics

This is where you’re going to find everything you’ll need to make the best rave outfit building blocks! You’ll find a great breakdown of what you can expect to find at a rave fashion-wise if you’ve never been or if you’re just looking to brush up on the simpler sides of the rave lifestyle. It’s true, sometimes you just want something simple. Embrace that!



Girly & Glamorous

We all have that inner diva inside of us and sometimes we just need to express our inner princess. Get yourself some inspiration right here! Not only are you going to find yourself with an outfit at the end, but you’ll also find just some all around great options for websites & outfit inspirations!





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Intergalactic Baelien

Going to a rave sometimes is like going to another planet, especially if you’re going to a couple day long festival! Channel that inner space goddess and show the world your intergalactic side! This is the place to find the best baelien inspiration for your festival season.

Coming Soon!

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The 3 C’s: Cute, Casual & Comfy

Punk n’ Proud

What do you guys think will be the go-to festival fashion look this year? Or what is your favorite festival look? Tell us below!


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