Rave Babies

So you’ve finally been convinced by a friend to go to a rave! They’ve hyped it up,  talked about all the dope ass people you’ll see/meet, and maybe even convinced you that this would be a life-changing experience for you. Well, I’m happy to say they’re correct. Raves are great, festivals are great, EDM IS JUST GREAT! So I hope you’re hype! But now you’re hype and you probably haven’t even thought “What even is a rave? What can I expect to experience at a rave? What do I even wear?..”


Fear not, I had the same questions and it took me FOREVER to find the information that I was looking for! I’ve taken all the information that I learned from searching all over the inter-web and fellow friends heads and put it here, in the PLUR Bible, for all you fellow rave babies to find! But if you still want some more info, check out the bottom of each post for some links to those sites!

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