The Ultimate Survival Guide

It’s festival time- and when it’s that time of the year again, you know your friends over at Rave Hackers have the answer to any and all questions that you could ever possibly have when it comes to festivals in general, or to even a specific festival.  We have it all right here.

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The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

If you’re a newcomer, or you’re just looking for some better information on festivals- look no farther. This guide will get you through any and all festivals, camping or not, with the more rave hacks and checklist you can imagine. Make sure you click the picture at the top to download the entire guide, for free! With printer friendly checklists 🙂



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June 7th – 10th     |     The Farm    |    Manchester, TN

Journey with us to The Farm! If you’re not familiar with Bonnaroo, it’s one of the few festivals that are located on the East Coast! Bringing genres of all different types, but this year (2018) headlining names like the iconic EDM god, Bassnectar, one of the WORLDS biggest DJ’s Alison Wonderland, as well as rap icon Eminem and old-time fave, The Killers.


Electric Forest 2018! Prepare for this magical event with us over here at Rave Hackers!

June 21st – 24th (&) June 28th – July 1st    |     The Forest    |     Rothbury, MI

We’ve all heard and seen movie & shows about a magical Forest, and now there’s a real-life one that we can all visit! Enjoy The Forest for not one, but two weekends of fun prancing around in a home away from home. With amazing, one of a kind curated events by your favorite artists, art installations & b2b that would blow your mind.


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March 16th & 17th    |     Wonderland    |     San Bernardino, CA

Journey into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland. The Insomniacs bring to life with characters, art installations and more the life and adventures down the rabbit hole. With two days of fun make sure you don’t miss this event! We’ve heard they’ve even expanded to having multiple events!